Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ariel-Matic Made It Worth!

While I blogged last time for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob, I had this constant feeling that I am very lucky as my husband is not one of those 76% men who, according to the survey by AK Nielsen, feel laundry is just a women's job. The survey also mentioned, 77% of men depend on women for doing the laundry. It is actually the other way at my home; I hate laundering and my husband has been doing the laundry since we married.  He collects all the clothes, bed-sheets, pillow covers and cushion covers on weekends and takes up the laundry. I only assist him a bit. He also helps me in spreading them for drying.

I actually feel clothes don't come out completely clean from our washing machine; I feel manual washing is better than the machine washing. In fact, I suggested my husband that we should soak the clothes before putting into machine. But he didn't agree as it is against the instructions for our machine wash. So, the moment I received the parcel, I was more excited than my husband as I actually wanted to test this product ; I don't like half done work and my husband doesn't want me to do the laundry manually.

As soon as I opened the parcel, I was pretty impressed by its fragrance. According to the information on the packet, it has the power of Bar + Brush + Blue + Germ Removal + Quick Rinse. It also read, it effectively removes tough stains like curry, chocolate, ink and milk tea based on technical tests and helps remove collar and cuff stains too. Oh! Great! Buckets of water, the machine takes in will not go wasted and laundering will go perfectly, this time, I thought. Then, I visited the site www.ariel.in too, to get more information on ariel and laundry tips; my main motto was to learn some tricks to do the laundering quickly and effectively. And trust me, I loved it. I found all the sections-laundry tips, make more time with laundry and beginners guide to laundry, very useful ; deciphering those confusing laundry symbols, help with removing stains were really informative.

Since winter has gone and summer has arrived, the blanket is to be packed and kept on the loft. So we thought of washing it. While the still skeptical me waited curiously, the blanket came out cleaner than the previous washes and smelled really good.  And now, I am happy and feeling that machine-washing is not a boring, unfruitful job that doesn't give desired results. My husband was quite impressed too.

I hope to actively involve in laundering in future, with the Ariel Matic. Silly me, every time I saw it in the departmental store, did not buy thinking it is much costlier. Just a spoonful of it does the job very effectively while many scoops of other detergents are nowhere near. This time doing the laundry was a completely different experience.

                       With Ariel Matic, anybody can do the laundry easily and effectively!


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