Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Earth Is Calling- Why Aren't We Listening?

"Trees bring rain; Trees check the CO2 level in the atmosphere and hence reduce global warming and keep the surroundings cool; Planting trees is thus very essential." This...we have read it in our texts in the very early days of schooling. So, now I can say even a primary school child knows the importance of trees. It is there in every bodies heads, but has not come into action yet! How many of us have planted trees so far! Why is it so? Have we become so busy in our lives that we don't have time to do these simple things for ourselves and the rest of the society? It is a high time that we do something for the Mother Nature. It is our duty to protect her. Why not begin this today?

Planting trees is not just enough! Using papers, tissues sensibly and recycling the used papers is very essential, else it will be like planting one tree and being the reason to cut the other. Then, what good will be done overall?

Water is 'The Real Elixir' for the mankind. So one should think twice before wasting even a drop of it. While  public transportation saves a lot of pocket money, it also keeps the air we breathe in cleaner. The stress in driving overcrowded roads can also be avoided by using public transportation many a times.

Reducing the usage of non biodegradable plastics and switching to biodegradable ones is beneficial to our soil. I can say, by my own experience that it keeps our homes clutter free! I mean, no more piles of unwanted plastics at home!

Like I said, we all know these but we don't implement. How can we be so selfish or irresponsible!

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