Monday, April 20, 2015


I struggle hard daily; every minute and second to be me and to make my life better. Looking after myself, my necessities seems a great task; in short my life is all about myself, there is hardly any space or thought of the others. So, while I see the people who render selfless service to the society, I wonder... and...wonder. I wonder about their will, their selflessness.

Here is a man who lives in a hut in, Jorhat- Assam, who has grown a 1360 acres of forest! What an unbelievable achievement! I never even thought someone like him exists on this planet. We all have heard about a very few people who plant a few hundreds of trees every year on environmental day, but not someone like him, isn't it?

Padmashri Jadav Molai Payeng belongs to a tribe called 'Mishing'. When 16 years old he came across several snakes which died because of excessive heat when thrown on treeless sandbar due to floods. Then began his journey of planting trees, with plantation of 20 bamboo seedlings. He also took part in a Governments Scheme of planting trees over 200 hectares of land. When the project was over, other workers left but he still continued. And this led to growing the 1360 acres of forest, in 30 years, named after him as "MOLAI FOREST". Now it harbors the Bengal tigers, Indian rhinoceros, deer,apes, rabbits and many varieties of birds; he created shelter for so many animals while he added some beauty to the landscape. 

If I get honored, ever in future, for my personal achievements, I would be more puzzled than happy; I feel so whenever I see such people being honored. I feel personal achievements are praise worthy for the strong will one has to achieve them, but not worthy of being honored as it is something which one does for his or her sake. They set an example and inspire many others to persevere and thus help indirectly but that is only secondary effect. And hence, I feel selfless people with a will of steel like, Jadav Payeng need to be honored without a doubt. 30 years of such an unwavering will is truly commendable. There are many achievers like him listed in JSW Will Of  Steel, but he stands tall. Please do think about it and vote for- The  Forest Man Of India. Serving the nature and society to make it beautiful for all of us to live is the greatest service one can do.

P.S: Information procured from, Wikipedia.

I'm voting for Jaday Payeng's  #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help him/her get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.