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 Human body is composed various organic and inorganic compounds with each having a vital role to play in the functioning of the body. Let's look at the importance of Vitamin E.

WHAT is the  importance of vitamin E?
Undoubtedly it is one of those essential elements required by our body.  Let’s know a little more about it in detail.

 • It’s a potential antioxidant hence slows      down aging preventing wrinkles and greying of hair. Its antioxidant property also prevents cancer.
  • It boosts immunity. 
  • It helps in maintaining cholesterol levels and hence prevents atherosclerosis and is good for heart. 
  • It improves vision. 
  • It is a memory booster and hence helps Alzheimer's patients. 

Where can one find it /What are the sources I use and recommend?

Here is a short list of natural sources of Vitamin-E from which one can get their daily requirements:
Oils-Wheat germ oil, almond oil, rice bran oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, peanut oil just to name a few. Among these wheat germ, almond and olive oil are very rich sources.
Nuts-Almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews.
Vegetables and fruits-Spinach, Olives, Strawberries, Raspberries.

I get my share of daily requirements through sunflower oil that we use at home for cooking and then from almonds, cashews and a handful  of roasted peanuts. So I am not Vitamin – E deficient to take supplements but still I use Evion capsules. You must be puzzled by this ambiguous statement but its true. I use #Evion capsule contents on my face and scalp; to make my skin glow and my hair thicker, longer and lustrous. I recommend that to my friends👍.

How I have benefited from it?
 There  were  freckles on my nose and few scars on my forehead from childhood injuries. Those two brown spots on the tip of my nose and the scars made me so conscious that I tried a lot of remedies  to get rid of them; from applying turmeric paste to carrot and radish juices, but nothing helped🙁.  I had a fetish for creams too, their smoothness, colors with lot of promises in commercials on TV always tempted me to buy and I did it recklessly. Though nothing helped  I had such a passion for them that I used to explain what a cream or lotion is meant for, example how a cleansing milk works and how scrub does,LOL. This was to the extent that my siblings made fun saying you can open a beauty Parlor along with your dental clinic😆. Aren’t the chairs similar?

Rubbing my face vigorously and frequently with one or the other thing resulted in breakouts, extremely dry and loosened skin. Breakouts then led to blemishes, undoubtedly. My endeavors didn’t stop here, but continued with many additional experiments.

Once, one of my seniors and a friend of my room mate came rubbing a green capsule onto her face. Then, #Evion was introduced to me and all my problems vanished one by one. With every use of  Evion I could find some positive differences in my skin and I slowly started bidding bye to creams one by one. Evion helped me in not only gaining back my confidence but also saved a lot of my pocket money and my precious time; it replaced my moisturizer, anti-aging  and whitening cream.

How I have made it a part of my daily  life?
I used to cut open the capsule and apply all over my face routinely. To make it thin for better spreading I started mixing with oil and applying on face as well as hair. To make it more simpler and not to miss on certain hectic days when I am damn tired I  mix few capsules with  petroleum jelly, bottle the mixture, use it for few days and again repeat when over. I also massage my face and scalp with Aloevera gel mixed with Evion capsule contents occasionally.

I have been using #Evion since years and I know many girls and ladies out there are familiar with the name as it’s affordable and easily accessible good quality Vitamin-E for facial and hair applications. They are already established as a brand and don’t need any advertisement, so  writing about it puzzled me a bit and so the curious me  visited  their  website and was surprised to know they have a Evion cream in the market. I wish I had known it before; ignorant me wouldn’t have done all those hecks with the capsule. I wish they come out with a hair product too😊.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

My way of staying healthy includes:
1)Getting rid of toxins from the body. It's a must to keep the body clean from within by doing so. Those free radicals (which we call toxins) which are by products of cellular metabolism are potential carcinogens, induce faster aging. To get rid of these I prefer a glassful of warm water with a spoonful of honey and lemon juice without fail daily morning. And prefer more fruits and vegetables in my diet for the same.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017


I am writing this review much later than the time I was supposed to do it. Though there were no deadlines for this by the author Mr. Bharat Krishna, I somewhere carry the guilt of being late and I  convince myself that it’s better to be late than never and proceed further. Not taking much time now I proceed straight to my review on the book.
 Red aka Jay narrates his story in a simple language which can be easily comprehended.
Jay is not so ambitious and lives in his own head. He sounds haphazard as he mentions proudly about his drinking, smoking and  ‘Marlboro lights’ in  order to create an impression of a style icon.
 He knows better English than many of  his classmates, he knows  national as well as international politics, reads people’s minds through their words and faces, has an x ray in his eyes  that scans the girls'  bodies through their outfit; what a versatile person!  And  the irony is that he himself doesn’t know what to do with his life. Not knowing clearly what he wants in his life he switches from one area of study to the other. And the one who hated the very idea of going to the US, lands up there for a second masters degree leaving his decent job.  And there, he finds it useless to study those subjects and takes an IT job which is nowhere connected to his bachelors degree in biology and masters in management. This is just to get out of the debts  he is in because of his study in US. He returns home with the idea of doing something for the country. God knows when he himself will know what that 'something' is clearly.  Hope the poor guy has taken the right decision at least this time.
So I recommend it for everybody.
Most of us are busy looking around rather than introspecting, and that can be related here.  As we go through his not so perfect story and make some opinions, it throws some light on our lives too like those transparent but yet a bit reflecting glasses, gradually.
The grammatical mistakes and  the very repetitive word ‘said’  which could have been replaced impressively by the other appropriate verbs don’t go unnoticed.The editing could have been still better.

My rating for this: 3/5 (For both, content and narration)

Monday, July 04, 2016

Before It's Too Late......

Being in proper shape is almost everybody’s priority. If unhappy with ones looks, what not an individual does? If plump, one diets and sweats in the gym for hours and sometimes workouts for long hours in the gym and dieting are also unyielding. If lean, one relies on sprouts or protein drinks spending some extra bucks from the pockets for really a very long time. And still may not be happy if the individual is short as nothing can be done in this aspect; we all know linear growth stops after certain age. Having good looks has an impact on almost every person’s confidence level and hence his success in life. So is it not important to pay an attention to diet in the early days of ones life, the growing years?  I need not remind, it is the whole responsibility of parents to take care of the children from the very beginning of their life. It is their responsibility to see that they are gaining a healthy weight and growing taller with age.

It is not just about proper height and weight gain to look good and feel good, it is much more beyond that. It is living a healthy life ahead, with that healthy mind in the healthy body.  We always relate weight with fat and protein mass in the body but in growing years, a healthy weight gain is related to proper growth of the internal organs of the body by the pediatricians. All the internal organs need to grow into proper size for that proper functioning, contributing to healthy weight and height gain and hence required BMI (Body Mass Index).

Children, especially toddlers, are so much into their own world of playing
and exploring the new world around that they don’t even feel the hunger though their stomachs have emptied long back. The school going ones are so much tired with the activities in the schools that they are on bed as soon as they are back home. They hardly eat on time as we elders do. It is the most crucial time of growth for the children and I need not say, it is the most worrisome matter for the parents.

One runs so much around  children to feed them and still half of the food is left out on platter and the children remain deficient of the nutrition. And so growth rate is slower and the required growth may remain underachieved if care is not taken prior to its cessation. So what should one do to catch up with the lost growth? Very simple, add some extra nutrition to the food so that the nutrition deficiency gets compensated. The quantity need not be more if the quality of the food is great. “It is never too late,”  they say, but that is right only on certain contexts, not  always. Isn’t it? A parent should start taking the right measures before the time( growing period)is completely gone. A healthy drink in the morning and in the evening can do enough benefit to the growing children. Happy parenting.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Did You Know Drug Addicts Who Don't Find Painkillers Turn To Anti-Diarrhea Drugs?

Addictions not only have harmful effects on a person’s health and life but also affect the people living around. They completely take over a man, especially drug addiction, making him live a worthless life.  Despite every effort by an individual to quit addiction, it often relapses because of the structural and functional changes that have taken place in the person’s brain. Government has implied a ban on issuing the Opioids at a store without a prescription, any such acts would make legal cases on the particular drug store and the addict involved.
Did you know addicts who don’t find pain killers turn to anti diarrhoea drugs?
Deaths of a few persons with the history of drug addiction in the United States recently  has disclosed the fact that addicts are turning to anti diarrhoea drugs like Loperamide. A 39 year old with a history of drug addiction collapsed at home and was declared dead at the hospital due to severe cardiac arrest. And the autopsy showed very high doses of Loperamide in the tissues.

Loperamide is also an Opioid like Heroin and Morphine which acts on Opioid receptors in the gut. It has a hard time crossing the blood brain barrier. It is   used to treat diarrhoea in lower doses. In higher doses it acts like Heroin and Morphine on the CNS causing high.
It is cheap and requires no prescription and so it is easily accessible at the drug store with no legal issues. For these reasons few addicts are turning to anti diarrhoea drugs like Loperamide to abuse. While few others who are trying to overcome addiction are self treating with Loperamide to face the withdrawal symptoms like muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhoea.  Drug addiction is something very hard to quit. And few are turning to the anti diarrhoea drugs to quit addiction to Heroin and Morphine without the knowledge of its ill effects on the body.

In higher doses Loperamide not only causes severe constipation but also has lethal effects on heart making the heart beat irregular.  So it is very necessary to take a doctor’s advice instead of self-treating or taking any medicines for any addiction or disease.

Despite strong will, it is very hard to quit drug addiction without the help of a doctor because of the changes that have already taken place in the body. So I can say, in order not to fall into such practices which later become addictions, one should try to live a happy contented life with good practices like Yoga, which not only heal the body but also the soul. ‘A healthy mind is in a healthy body’ isn’t it? I can say Yoga is very much advised by the doctor’s too these days, for total health care.  Modern medicines along with traditional healthy practices off course help one to come out of bad habits or addictions faster and easily.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Every creation by NATURE, be it the animal, bird, forest, mountain or the river, has the right to live in its true pure form; but we, the so called most intelligent living beings are destroying or spoiling them for our benefits. I question,'Can't we live in harmony with them?' Then, comes...'The Darwin's Theory Of Survival Of The Fittest' to mind, one has to fight to survive! But fighting doesn't mean killing, at least now, when science has come this far. Being smarter ones, we can avoid causing any harm to them and still survive! Isn't that something to be thought over? And, again, for that balanced ecosystem all have to survive for the sake of all.

I want to save all the species on the planet but since it's a Hobson's choice, I have to choose these... my favorites. Favoritism prevails everywhere, I hope my other fellow beings on the list don't mind for not being chosen.

FROGS...? They sounded very interesting since my childhood. We sisters used to sit by the pond in our farm and watch the tadpoles make tiny hops and merry. The way they swam was truly delightful for us. So, for this reason, the unhappy me who doesn't see a frog around these days,
want to save them and their relatives, I mean the other species of frogs from all over the world.

The next ones are our relatives of past, Monkeys...! I heard stories about these naughty creatures snatching bananas, coconuts and even purses from people. Once they had taken an entry into my house through the back door while I was fast asleep on one afternoon. I woke up to see a family of monkeys-2 adults and two babies entering into my kitchen in a queue quietly. Petrified me, ran to the neighbors to get help and by the time I returned with my neighbor they were on their way back with the head of the family carrying my box full of flattened rice. Somehow my neighbor managed to take my box back! They had eaten my onions, potatoes and carried some sweet lemons that I had kept on the cooking platform. Yeah! They messed up my kitchen and ate my food and I still want to save them and their other relatives! Generous, me.

Elephants? I always knew as them as humble and friendly creatures. The movie buff me, saw them in every other movie as a pet and admired them a lot and....the story still continues. So, I want to save these, my all-time favorites.

You have read my stories till now, and I am sure you all loved them and want to echo my voice. Don't you?

 I am participating in the Save the Species contest for the book “Capturing Wildlife Moments in India” in association with Saevus Wildlife India,  read the reviews for the book ‘Capturing Wildlife Moments in India’ here

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Earth Is Calling- Why Aren't We Listening?

"Trees bring rain; Trees check the CO2 level in the atmosphere and hence reduce global warming and keep the surroundings cool; Planting trees is thus very essential." This...we have read it in our texts in the very early days of schooling. So, now I can say even a primary school child knows the importance of trees. It is there in every bodies heads, but has not come into action yet! How many of us have planted trees so far! Why is it so? Have we become so busy in our lives that we don't have time to do these simple things for ourselves and the rest of the society? It is a high time that we do something for the Mother Nature. It is our duty to protect her. Why not begin this today?

Planting trees is not just enough! Using papers, tissues sensibly and recycling the used papers is very essential, else it will be like planting one tree and being the reason to cut the other. Then, what good will be done overall?

Water is 'The Real Elixir' for the mankind. So one should think twice before wasting even a drop of it. While  public transportation saves a lot of pocket money, it also keeps the air we breathe in cleaner. The stress in driving overcrowded roads can also be avoided by using public transportation many a times.

Reducing the usage of non biodegradable plastics and switching to biodegradable ones is beneficial to our soil. I can say, by my own experience that it keeps our homes clutter free! I mean, no more piles of unwanted plastics at home!

Like I said, we all know these but we don't implement. How can we be so selfish or irresponsible!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Learning To Celebrate Life Every Day...

Celebrating life every day is one of the toughest tasks for all of us. Do you remember, we celebrated life every day in our childhoods? It was naturally in us. Alas! We forgot being happy and celebrating life as we grew up. What might be the reason? Probably, the pressures of life-those which are built by ourselves or the society and competitive world, robbed our enthusiasm and liveliness insidiously as we grew up and here we are, the lost souls; lost in the meaningless life, a life without joy, we are leading.

While in my search for happiness I realized that one has many reasons to be happy, and to celebrate life every day. One should celebrate life with the beautiful Nature every day; the sunrise, the sun set, chirping of birds, fluttering leaves and their greenery. A look at life around every day as if it is new to us, all admiring and beckoning, leads to celebrations every day.

When I enter kitchen, I see the varieties of edibles we are given by Nature and smile. Those spices with different aromas and taste, those colorful pulses and vegetables, those fruits and dishes all make me happy. I think of how the mouthwatering cooking must have evolved all these years and smile. Relishing the tasty food, I celebrate life daily.

When I am out in a market, I look at the fresh vegetables I feel like jumping with joy. Those vendors, their other customers, and those people on street-the crowd with their very own ways of behavior and looks, make me wonder about the creativity of Nature and I smile. Sometimes, I think about all the creatures that Nature has given life and shelter to, and just smile and smile.

Those twinkling stars at night and the radiating moon broaden my mind with happiness and positivity.

Those light hearted serials fill me with positivity. Window shopping, online keeps me happy. When there is no power, I just wonder about these mesmerizing creations of man!

I love to decorate my house. Those beautiful walls, those beautiful artifacts keep my spirits high. Having a good beautiful house compels one to celebrate life every day too.

Above all this, the hope that I will have all those things I want in life makes me celebrate life every day. Then I think pessimistically, if at all I don't have them what am I going to do? Then, I realize again! I have many more reasons to be happy and celebrate life. And that is 'Life' itself.

#CelebrateLifeAtIvy by owning a dream home atIvy estate, an 85 acre estate with 34 acres of greenery and open spaces. Join the 1600 happy families already living here. Check out this walkthrough video and decide for yourself

Monday, April 20, 2015


I struggle hard daily; every minute and second to be me and to make my life better. Looking after myself, my necessities seems a great task; in short my life is all about myself, there is hardly any space or thought of the others. So, while I see the people who render selfless service to the society, I wonder... and...wonder. I wonder about their will, their selflessness.

Here is a man who lives in a hut in, Jorhat- Assam, who has grown a 1360 acres of forest! What an unbelievable achievement! I never even thought someone like him exists on this planet. We all have heard about a very few people who plant a few hundreds of trees every year on environmental day, but not someone like him, isn't it?

Padmashri Jadav Molai Payeng belongs to a tribe called 'Mishing'. When 16 years old he came across several snakes which died because of excessive heat when thrown on treeless sandbar due to floods. Then began his journey of planting trees, with plantation of 20 bamboo seedlings. He also took part in a Governments Scheme of planting trees over 200 hectares of land. When the project was over, other workers left but he still continued. And this led to growing the 1360 acres of forest, in 30 years, named after him as "MOLAI FOREST". Now it harbors the Bengal tigers, Indian rhinoceros, deer,apes, rabbits and many varieties of birds; he created shelter for so many animals while he added some beauty to the landscape. 

If I get honored, ever in future, for my personal achievements, I would be more puzzled than happy; I feel so whenever I see such people being honored. I feel personal achievements are praise worthy for the strong will one has to achieve them, but not worthy of being honored as it is something which one does for his or her sake. They set an example and inspire many others to persevere and thus help indirectly but that is only secondary effect. And hence, I feel selfless people with a will of steel like, Jadav Payeng need to be honored without a doubt. 30 years of such an unwavering will is truly commendable. There are many achievers like him listed in JSW Will Of  Steel, but he stands tall. Please do think about it and vote for- The  Forest Man Of India. Serving the nature and society to make it beautiful for all of us to live is the greatest service one can do.

P.S: Information procured from, Wikipedia.

I'm voting for Jaday Payeng's  #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help him/her get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Children Of The Ganga Need You.

Setting up new schools and increasing the number of teachers is not enough to eliminate illiteracy from India. Children these days get mid-day meals at many government and government aided schools in India, but the school drop-out rate hasn't reduced significantly. Children find class room learning very boring, all that is there in their nascent mind is exploring the surroundings and playing. Even when in class they don't pay attention to what is being taught in the schools. They are either looking out through windows or are drowsing. This is obviously because of lack of interest and so, to eliminate illiteracy the methods of imparting education must be changed.

Illiteracy is often associated with crime as the saying goes, "Empty mind is a devils workshop". To get the active minds of children into creativity and make every Indian a better person and thus India a better place to live in, illiteracy has to be eliminated by making learning interesting.

The cultural hub of India, Varanasi has such a unique school for the children. The school is not within the confinement of four walls of bricks and mortar, but it is a floating school; a school on the boat. I know, many haven't heard about it; even I was unaware of it until now. It was discovered during the journey of doing right. In the video, we see the children who are mostly under privileged. As shown and also told by one of the students there, it has mostly the children who don't go to schools and wander in the streets. And, look at them! They are writing, drawing, so beautifully. And in fact bold enough to speak in front of the camera. The children of Ganga have so much potential!

 If given a little more exposure to the modern world of learning, they are sure to reach heights in future. All they need is a mere 90,000 rupees for the magical transformation  of the boat school while they are capable of returning much more to the society and India in the coming years. So far, 24,000 rupees have been collected from many donors and now it is your turn to do your bit towards building the future of India. A day's salary or even an hours earning mean a lot towards the contribution. This year don't think of throwing a party on your b'day or anniversary, instead donate here to nurture these budding talents, and share it to spread the awareness, and to encourage others for the same.